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What is air roasted coffee?

Rather than being roasted in a drum heated by natural gas or propane, our coffee is roasted in a high velocity air current heated by electricity. The beans are lofted by a high power blower pushing hot air constantly through the bean mass until they reach the exactly right temperature. This constant motion helps ensure an even roast and some say produces a "cleaner cup" than the more widely used drum roaster.

Do you ship coffee?

Not at this time. Big Mitten Coffee us currently offering only weekly pickup. At this time pickup is located at the Kentwood Farmer's Market on Thursday's from 4:30pm to 7:30pm from June through August. Just place your order and we will have it ready at the next market for you to take home!

Kentwood Farmer's Market

Do you do custom or bulk orders?

Yes we do! Just email your request with the appropriate contact information and we will reach out to discuss.

Do you sell ground coffee?

Yes! We offer all our coffee as whole bean by default and encourage our customers to grind it fresh just before brewing as it is best that way. If you would like your order ground simply request this in the comments with your order and we would be happy to grind it prior to pickup.